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    Epo 4.6 and EEPC

      I currently have approx 100 EEPC laptops on Domain X (epo 4.6) which need transferring to a Newco (domain Y)

      The newco environment will have a new EPO 4.6 server built.

      Can I move these machines to the new environment and the EEPC still work? - is there a proceedure to re-point these encrypted machines to the new epo server where it would pick up the new eepc policy?

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          before you get into the weeds, remember you can move the machines, but you can't move the users - you'll have to set them up again, everyone will start with the default password etc.


          That may change how you think about this migration...

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            Thanks for the reply - yes all users will be recreated as like I say its a newco with new AD etc. My query is really regarding the EEPC side of things as the 100 or so that are currently encrypted I would just like to repoint to the newco setup if that was possible - if so I am guessing there will need to be some interaction to tell the laptops of this new environment etc?