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    McAfee will not install

      Can anyone help me with a problem.  I have a Samsung Laptop running Windows 7 Home Edition, 64-bit Operating System.  I run BT Total netprotect plus, so receive automatic updates and it scans the computer regularly.  Last month a message popped up saying 'computer at risk'.  Real time scanning was turned off.  I turned it back on and tried to run a scan but it would not scan.  A message appeared saying 'an unexpected error occured. Return to home screen and try again", then it turned off scanning again and up popped the warning 'at risk' message again.  McAfeeUpdates are continuing as normal.  I ran a handy tool called McAfee Virtual Technician which said some of the problems had been fixed.  I rebooted but nothing had changed.  I tried this again and Virtual Technician popped up a message"Security Centre 11.6.  Problem: Product upgrade required - update now.  The 'update now' is written in red and appears to be a link, but when I click on it nothing happens.  I decided to completely uninstall McAfee and reinstall it again.  When I tried to reinstall, it did not work.  Downloaded OK, just would not install.   The installation box disappears and an error message appears "error - could not install any of your security files" (cannot remember exact wording sorry).  I rang BT and the tech guy took over my screen and tried again to install unsuccessfully (Same message).  He transferred me to a senior technician.  The senior technician went through the same process using remote assist, but again, no installation, same error message.  The technician is going to 'look into the matter' and ring me in a couple of days.  In the meantime, HELP, anyone?

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