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    EEPC v7 not showing up in software manager

      Hi all,


      I must say, that before I start, my knowledge of the software manager is fairly low, and my query below will expose that.


      I've downloaded and installed all components of EEPCv7 using (MENU> Software > Extensions).  Under 'Endpoint Encryption' it does indeed show that EE:Admin, EE:GO and EE:PC are installed, running and have the version numbers


      However, I cannot check any of this in in the software manager as it simply isn't listed.  The most recently listed versions are 6.2.


      Therefore, I am unable to roll this out.


      Could you please tell me where I'm going wrong? 


      Also, as a related issue, when I try to install 'Endpoint Encryption Out Of Band Management'  I'm presented with "Unable to install extension. Extension EEDEEP missing required extensions:EPOAMT:".  I am unable to spot or locate this anywhere, and a google search returns absolutely zero results.