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    HIPS 8 FW - Erroneously blocking outbound traffic


      Hello All,


      I have HIPS 8 (firewall only) deployed in a small disconnected network and the HIPS client is not functioning as expected.  I have a rule set up to allow all outbound traffic from clients (any protocol type, any media) - however, some client logs are showing that outbound traffic is erroneously blocked.  The client log is showing the traffic as INBOUND for some reason.


      For example, on a workstation with IP, it shows inbound traffic being blocked, even though the SOURCE IP address is (its own address).


      I have used the same build of HIPS 8 on several other small disconnected networks without this problem.  I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the product with no success.


      Has anyone ever seen this issue or have ideas to remedy?