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    Deploy Agent and VSE to laptops that are frequently away from the network?


      I would like all the computers in 2 branches and their sub branches to get the McAfee agent and then other software such as VSE 8.8.  If I run a client task "Now" or even at a specific time in the futire, many of the deployments will fail or expire due to desktops being powered off or laptops being away from the office at the time.  I would like McAfee to instal the agent at any time systems with no McAfee agent are detected, but only if those systems belong to specific branches in ePO.  For instance if someone has their laptop at home for weeks at a time and doesn't  connectsit to the network until next month, I would like McAfee agent to still automatically install then.

      What are the best ways to deploy the agent to computers that are not available at the time you schedule pushing the agent?