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    precision about license EPO




      we actually have a license EPO which include some product:

      - Viruscan

      - McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention  firewall only

      (which all appear in the part: "under license)

      But i have an other product which appear in the part "evaluation": McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0


      So  i take a look at my client, i have:

      - the mcafee agent

      - Viruscan (which in the about page inform me that "type of license for AV" is --> subjected to license (sorry if the translation is not totally correct but i have a french version)

      - HIPS (which inform me that "type of license": is "under license)


      As the mention is not quitely the same, i'd like to have confirmation that i don't use the versions which is under evaluation (my question could be a little weird but my previous license number wasn't correct: the Viruscan was in the "under license" part on EPO although in my client it was written under license too)


      I hope it will be clear...




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          Hi Yoann,


          Are you refering to the 'Software' menu option in ePO?


          I have some MOVE-AV components under evaluation even though I am fully licensed! I think the software center is not always 100% accurate.


          You can always look under the Menu>Software>Licensing to see what is actually installed on your endpoints.





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            i suppose in the part named: "Entitlement Information" ?

            In that part i have Host Intrusion Prevention and Viruscan. So this could be only the products for whom i have a valid license which would appear on this part?

            Is that correct ?


            Thanks Pierce