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    HELP !

      Can anybody help me please i purchased total protection 2013 for 3 computers, and  it will not load to my system, i have uninstalled my previous internet security etc, i have windows 7 64bit and top speck computer, but everytime i try loading it, it says "we couldnt install any of the security features included with your software" havent got a clue what to do ??? anyones help much appriciated thanks

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          You most likely need to run the cleanup tool for whatever the software was you had before.   The McAfee installer is probably detecting remnants of that software and balking at installing.


          This is Windows 7 SP1 I trust and to ensure McAfee user interface functions correclty you should also have IE9 installed at default settings, even if you don't use it as your browser.


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            Adding to Peter’s notes, it would be great if you post the screen shot of the error for better understanding

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              screen shoot.png

              Hi Karthiks, this is the screen msg i get every time i attempt to load it, ive contacted Mcafee support and they tok control of my computer and they couldnt even load it for me ???

              i have IE9 java 64bit windows 7 etc etc i had webroot before purchasing mcafee and can not find any trace of it ??

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                I have tried the on line chat with 2 different people and they just told me to use the uninstall tool and try t re load it (didnt work same message) and then i phoned the help centre the guy then remotely used my computer and was also unsucsesfull and told me he would get the higher level tech team to do it and call me back today (tuesday 15 jan) but no one has called im not happy as i have stayed in to wait for the call back i dont know why it wont load but it seems a few people are having the same problem as me ???

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                  Is this Windows 7 SP1?


                  Are you totally up to date with all updates and have Windows Update set to look for updates for all components using Microsoft Update?  


                  On the forums we can only speculate as to the problem, the technicians are far more likely to find the solution.

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                    Hi yes all upto date the tech guy on phone call yesterday checked all that and he couldn't figure it out ?

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                      OK thanks.  Let's hope that call comes in then.  Sometimes they get held up on other cases and can't always be punctual.

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                        Well day 2 waited in and NO phone call so returning the product for my money back, ive never had problems before with any other anti-virus software and to me from reading on these pages theres loads of problems with mcafee software, ive had AVG, webroot,kapersky etc and never had this much trouble, usually disc in up load job done ?? had enough

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                          That's too bad I could have emailed someone to hurry the process up.  Never mind.  All you're ever going to read in any forum like this are complaints.  People never post otherwise, well hardly ever.  Norton/Symantec forums are full of the same as are most of the other brand name forums.


                          Good luck with your new software.