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    Trunk - transparent mode




      I’m trying to set up MFE in transparent mode on trunk.


      VLANS - > switch -> (TRUNK) -> McAfee Firewall Enterprise (bridge0) ->(TRUNK) Router - > Internet



      VLAN 10

      VLAN 20

      VLAN 30


      VLAN 10 networks: and

      VLAN 20 networks: and

      VLAN 30 networks: and


      I created one bride interface: bridge0 on interfaces eth 0-2, eth 0-3.

      I created 7 zones:

      zone_10_in –zone_10_out

      zone_20_in –zone_20_out

      zone_30_in –zone_30_out

      mgmt – zone


      I create 7 interfaces:

      Mgmt-int (in zone mgmt)

      Int-10-in (in zone_10_in) – VLAN 10

      Int-10-out (in zone_10_out) – VLAN10



      Int-30-out(inzone_30_out) – VLAN30


      Default Gateway is setup for interface mgmt.


      On the bridge interfaceI added IP Address from each VLAN.


      I prepared policybased on networks and zones:


      From inzone_10_in to ANY in zone_10_out ……


      Unfortunately in doesn’tnot work, as it should. What I’m doing wrong???


      Best Regards,


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          Unfortunately I don't think what you are trying to accomplish is going to work.


          Unfortunately the bridge interface only allow you to protect one subnet. If you want to add more than one then you would need to use hybrid mode. The 8.3.0 Product Guide has some good information and diagrams to explain the options/modes.