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    Security center to total protection upgrade dell pc windows 8



      Please could someone help with this question.


      I have a dell pc that came with mcafee security center installed.


      The subscription is about to expire so  I clicked on the link within mcafee on my pc and it takes me to the 'buy' screen. This screen also shows the dell icon.


      I pick the subscription I want and a message pops up asking if I would like to upgrade to total protection for free. As this is the product I would prefer I say yes.


      I have now got a 3 user one year licence listed under my account which it wants me to download.


      The question is this:


      Do I just download it and it will give me instructions about what to do regarding the existing install of security center or do I have to uninstall that first? So far no guidance has been given which I think is poor. It would seem to suggest that I just download total proctection, activate it  and it will sort itself out with regard to the previous install of security center. My head tells me nothing is ever that simple!


      Pleae could someone advise.



      I have a new dell pc which is windows 8. I have read about uninstalling versions of mcafee but the tool does not say it is suitable for windows 8.