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    Total Protection

      As soon as I install Total protection on my Laptop the Laptop keep on crashing. Once I uninstall the program all work well. Any sugestions on how to fix this?

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          Did you have another Antivirus or firewall installed previously? If so you need to fully uninstall it before installing Mcafee.


          Does the laptop use an atheros wireless network driver if so update it.

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            Peter M

            Also what operating system and service pack are installed and what version of Internet Explorer?  (Whether or not you use it).

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              I was using Mcafee protection plus previously but did uninstall it before installing total protection. I also am using Google Chrome as a Internet browser. My system is operating Windows 7 home. All the firewall programs are standard Windows defender programs but are disabled on my PC. I can do a full installation and all will work well till I shut down the computer and at restart it will crash. It is also a 32bit installation not the 64bit.

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                Peter M

                Windows 7...alone, no service pack?   If so then you are missing a whole bunch of updates.    Help with installing SP1 here:     https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2205


                I was goinf to suggest you contact Technical Support, it's free by phone or online chat and they are best equipped to troubleshoot this issue, but if you aren't up to date they wont handle it.  They are linked under Usegul Links at the top of this page.


                Also I asked what version of IE was installed, not what browser you prefer to use.  You must have IE9 installed and at default settings for McAfee to behave normally.   Lots of programmes use IE regardless of your default browser settings.