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    Cannot install McAfee Internet Security on Windows 7


      Hi -


      I have McAfee Internet Security (4 licenses) with an expiry of Feb 7 2014.

      I have the most recent software nstalled on 3 machines - 2 are Windows 7, 1 is Windows 8.


      Today I have struggled for hours and cannot get it installed on a 4th machine, this one also running Windows 7.


      The steps I have followed:

           - used MCPR to remove McAfee with no problems reported & then rebooted

           - ran the McAfee pre-Install tool with no problems reports

           - logged into My Account and downloaded & then executed McAfeeSetup.exe

           - as was the case in the 3 other installations, a window came up informing me that the installation was checking my PC for Threats

           - after about 5 seconds that window disappeared & the following appeared:



      Nothing further happened. Although the "Label" buttons and the Window close "X", appeared to be clickable, they were not. From this point the installation was frozen.

      I either had to kill the Install process from Task Manager or Reboot.


      I have repeated these steps a number of times  with the same results each time.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks. Richard.

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