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    Internet connection problem




      I have an SG560U that's got a problem I can't sort out. I have a wireless Netcomm hub on Port B, and an ASDL line on A3.


      Port B is working, but it's not retaining it's IP address. It's being translated to


      My lan is on 192.168.99.xx


      A3 is PPPOE. It is retaining it's IP address of 64.xxx.xxx.xxx, and I can access it with Dyn DNS.


      I had been using an SG560 up until my little cluster f of last week, and this wasn't happening.


      I'm sure I've missed something, but have no idea where to look. I restored the Netcomm to it's default settings to start where I started from the first time. I think it's hiding in the 560U somewhere. Software is 4.0.8


      As always, any help is appreciated!!




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          I have read your post a few times and I am not sure of the network topology you are using.


          Is there a device on your network that has ?

          if so, how is this connected to the 560U ?


          Is port B set as an Internet ( hence NAT will occur )  or a LAN connection ?


          When you say "It's being translated to" where do you see this....when communicating from what IP to where ?

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            I set Port B as a Direct Connection, DHCP, Internet. I plugged the Lan Port of the Netcomm hub in there.


            It seems that's wrong? I thought that's how it was..but lost my backups. I have lots now....


            The hub itself is


            I see Port B listed as that when I check System Diagnostics.


            A4 is my ADSL connection. It give details as Internet, PPoE, and the 64.231.xx.xx address.




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              I'm not really sure what to do with this device now.


              Do I set is a Direct Connection?


              Do I give it a static IP on the LAN?


              What Firewall Class would it be then? Internet or Lan?




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                I am not sure how you had your deployment, but it sound like you need to make available a wireless network access point to your internal wireless cleints....is this correct ?


                If so I would configure the netcomm as a wireless bridge ( or hub as you say ) and deploy it on your lan network with a 192.168.99.x IP for administaration purposes.


                As such I would disable port B on the UTM device, if its only purpose is to support the netcomm.


                hope this assists

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                  That's not really what I'm trying to accomplish. I think my terminology is confusing you. Sorry for that.


                  I am in an area with few options for internet access.


                  The Netcomm hub is a 3G wireless device. I use it for my primary internet access. It's on Port B


                  I had it working at one point, and then managed to lose my configuration when trying to setup security cameras.


                  http://www.rogers.com/web/link/wirelessBuyFlow?forwardTo=PhoneThenPlan&productTy pe=normal&productId_Detailed=3G27WVRWHTR


                  It is currently working, but with issues.


                  It shows in Diagnostics with an address of


                  This is the address of the device, and is set on the device. It used to show in Diagnostics it's actual 'internet' IP address. 74.198.xx.xx


                  I cannot use dyndns with it unless I sort out how to correct that.


                  I do not use the wifi capability of this device for access from the lan side.


                  I have turned off the DHCP server.


                  It has a Lan port, which I have plugged into Port B.


                  I'm not sure if I've not turned something on, or if I need to put the hub into bridge mode?, or just what the heck I've missed here...


                  I hope this helps you sort out what I am trying to do.




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                    it sounds like the netcomm is working in NAT mode, which the user manual seems to indicate is normal.


                    Have you tried disabling the option "3G NAT' in the netcomm WWAN internet settings?


                    I must admit this product is not my area of expertise and as such I may be misguiding you.


                    The question you appear to be asking is


                    "how do I get the netcomm to assign its public WAN ip to the internal UTM device"


                    I am not sure how you would do this on the netcomm....I can't find a bridge option in the user manual.

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                      Thank you so much. Since you think it's on the Netcomm side, I'll send a note off to their support people.


                      Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this.


                      It gives me a place to look now.