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    Systems at Unmanaged state




      Does anyone knows how to make systems to Managed state when connected only using vpn? Updated the version of the Agent but still it shows Unmanaged state on ePo.



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          Moved from Home to Business > ePO for better attention.

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            Laszlo G

            Hi Romardy Barja, maybe the computer is duplicated, did you check under Lost&Found?


            If these computers are not duplicated then you have to check wether they can connect to ePO server through their vpn using agent-to-server port otherwise they won't be able to report properties to ePO.

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              Hi Laszlo,


              Thanks for the reply.


              I have checked them on Lost&Found but unfortunately systems are not there.


              I also made a remote on the systems and updated the version of the agent. The machine is properly connecting to ePo when I click Collect and Send Props with no error. I can also send wake up agents on the client machine. But after all these communications, they still appear unmanaged on ePo. I have problem only on the systems that are connected via vpn.

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                Laszlo G

                Well, the first thing would be checking if they really can connect to ePO server. So try to collect and send properties fromone of these computers and see under its log for a line telling wether it can upload the properties package to epo server or not.


                If it's the same ePO server you're talking about on the other discussion then you should also check if you have enough free space on disk on ePO server.

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                  I made some remote on one of the system affected and they are all unable to connect to ePo. Disk space is also enough fot the ePo server.


                  What McAfee supports want me to do is to modify registry key on the ePo server stated on KB57886 article.


                  I haven't try this once yet for it needs to stop some services on the server which I am not quite comfortable doing in.


                  The other article says to modify the sql database but this is too far from resolving the issue.


                  What can possibly caused this issue and how can we make those machines read properly on ePo in a simple way?