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    Windows cannot restart after a McAfee uptade.


      Windows 7 family premium edition. McAfee (not free)

      Windows cannot restart after a McAfee update ( stay stuck on the blue screen "starting Windows". The problem has started December 19, 2012. The only way to restart my computer is from safe mode and then, restore the system at an anterior date but the problem reapear when McAfee makes an update.

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          Two thoughts

          1. is your wireless adapter using an atheros driver?

          2. Better to fully uninstall Mcafee and reinstall from the US /Uk /Ca or Au servers that way you will get the latest 12.1 version.


          Updates sometimes messup so a clean install the best way as per


          reboot and run

          http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe

          and reinstall from your account

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            Im facing the same problem. Some days before xmas my computer was suddently restarting out of the blue and didnt get beyond the starting screen. Repairing didnt work and I had to use system restore. This happened twice before christmas but the PC was back working after that untill last saturday. A week ago my PC didnt get beyond the starting screen again, so i decided to freshly reinstall windows after a system restore and saving my private files, just in case there was some undetected malware involved. so, i reinstalled windows, fully updated it. everything was working fine. i reinstalled my browser and fully updated it. everything working fine on restart. reinstalled mcafee, fully updated it. system crash upon restart. system restore to before mcafee installion: everything working fine  (besides not having antivirus protection >_>). ensured fully updated windows and drivers (especially atheros network driver) and attempted to install mcafee again. this time it didnt even get to finish the installation because it requires a restart where windows crashes again. this is a serious problem and mcafee should hurry a bit to fix this problem otherwhise alot of people will cancel mcafee subscription and switch to some other service inlcuding me!


            PC: HP pavillion dm3

            McAfee product: antivirus plus (latest version freshly downloaded from the website and installed on a freshy reinstalled and fully updated windows)

            windows: win7 home premium sp1 (with automatic driver update)

            atheros driver: version dated 14.06.2012

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              I have finally uninstalled McAfee and installed free Microsoft Security Essentials. I will reinstalled McAfee (as I still have more than 500 days paid of service with it) when I will be sure that they fixed the problem. Since then, Windows updates are working and the computer restart normally. No more wasting times.

              My father, who has the same confirguration and software as me has experienced the same problem. What a waste and frustrating problem. When my MsAfee license will expired, I will choose another antivirus, for sure.

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                OK will flag all your issues for the techs to comment on. Will post back when I hear something though the weekend will slow response . Any1 want to call support and get them to look at this?

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                  Perfect! Thank you! And if you take a look on the square down of the action square, on the right on this windows, there is some others people here that have experienced the same issue.

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                    Hi Tony (Peacekeeper)


                    I am in Australia and have suffered the same problem as Marouska since late December 2012.  The problem has occurred 4 times with the download of additional items for McAfee Total Protection 11.6.443 (originally loaded on 11.12.2012) requiring a restart of the computer.  Everytime that I have attempted a restart after the download of the updates for McAfee the computer (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1) it has been unable to restart, requiring a complete computer 'restore' lasting several hours after initially attempting a repair.  On the fourth occasion, having identified the problem, like Marouska, I have deleted McAfee and downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials (for Microsoft 8 Pre-Release Version).


                    I suggest that whoever is reponsible for this product needs to fix it quickly as this is driving your customer base to alternative products.  I have no difficulty with Microsoft Security Essentials (which by the way is  free), but I have had 2 years with McAfee without any prior problems.  


                    I am sure that there are many others out there that have experienced the same problem and are wondering how to either repair their systems or restore their computers to an earlier state, only to find (as I did) that the problem will continue to reoccur with the download of further updates to 11.6.443 that require a restart.


                    Perhaps the best solution is to make version 12.1 available ASAP?




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                      Mate the Au server has 12.1 you can download it anytime if your Mcafee is store bought or a mcafee subscription. If you got it via Dell or an ISP the update depends on the partner and when they want to move up.


                      The clash I think is mcafee trying to update to 12.1 from 11.6 or 11.6 from 11.0 but I feel it is the former reason. A clean install always a good idea just ensure your remove MSE with its removal tool..


                      I also unmarked your post as correct as the issue is not solved. Installing MSE is only a treading water type answer.


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                        I think the freshly downloaded McAfee version I was trying to install is already 12.1 as it looked different from the one before. Also using the preinstall tool didnt fix the problem either. So, 12.1 probably contains the bug too.

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                          So far in 12 moths of using beta 12 and 12.1 and retail versions of 12.1 on 9 Pcs in the family I have never ever seen a resstart like this.


                          Any1 getting this can you contact tech support and start a case and post the job number here. We will be talking with the techs on Monday US time re this in our call so the more calls the better. (well not better really just better for support to move )

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