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    Snapgear 565 web access

      Hi Guys,


      I did something stupid today. I uncheked all checkboxes for http, https, telnet and ssh access.

      I thought this is only for external web access and not internal one as well - I was was wrong.


      I can't connect to the device anymore using local ip address. Is there any way I could restore this without factory reset?




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          I feel your pain Dave. I managed to get mine offline just last week.


          I had done a backup on the device before I started messing with it, so I wasn't too worried. I figured I could do the reset and restore before I figured out how to use a telnet program.  I was wrong. Very, very wrong.


          I found that using the erase button also erased my local backups. It seems to be the default setting for these. I have now changed mine. I found one eventually that was quite old, but it needs some tweaking to be sure..


          Good luck!

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            Your only option is to erase and restore your remote backup