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    My Network Disappeared After Update


      "My Network" showing all connected devices has disappeared after the January 9/13 update of McAfee Security Center to version 12.1.  When I click on "PC and Home Network Tools", then "My Network" there are no icons, no words, nothing but blank panels.  It used to show all the connected devices with IP addresses and status but now the screen panels are blank.   See screenshot.


      Clicking on "About" lists the versions of McAfee Security Center (12.1); Anti-virus and Spyware; Personal Firewall; Site Advisor; Anti-Spam; Parental Controls; and QuickClean and Shredder; but no "My Network".  It worked perfectly for years until this last update.  My PC is running Windows XP SP3.


      How do I get "My Network" working again?  Thank you.


      MvAfee My Network.png

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