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    ISSUE: VSE 8.8 Patch 3 - Management extension causes loss of policies


      Hi Folks,


      *POP!*   Somewhere a bubble just burst. Patch 3 is no longer available for download.


      We have received reports and now confirmed an issue with the extension shipped with patch 3.

      It fails to migrate policies when a task includes the "Cookie Scan" scan item, but that's not too bad - what's bad is when this fails all your VSE policies are lost.


      Before total panic ensues, read some more...

      This would affect you only if you have a scan task created or edited such that you are only scanning 1 or 2 items in your "What to scan" list, and one of those items is the Cookie Scan item. This is not a default configuration and I would have thought uncommon in the field, but some recent escalations suggest otherwise.


      When the extension check-in process encounters that error, it then goes into roll-back mode - and alas, there is an issue there also such that roll-back fails. End result = no VSE policies.

      Both these issues are being corrected in an updated extension. Patch 3 will be available again as soon as these has been corrected and the fixes verified.



      If you have already added the Patch 3 extension and not experienced any failure, which will be most of you I suspect, you need not worry about a thing.

      Still, when we post Patch 3 again with the updated extension, it would be in your best interest to add the updated extension too.


      And, if you want Patch 3 in its current state because of a pressing need to install to Windows 8 or Server 2012, please contact McAfee Support. Once we qualify you won't be affected by this issue we will make the patch available to you.