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    strange traffic control



      I was looking at traffic control today.

      under the active programms tab i was looking to mcafee service host and see this 2 times today(see screenshot.)

      It seemst to be all router adresses.


      What could it be?

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          Peter M

          Are only routers showing up there?  Are there programmes too?   I can only imagine they may be your network but that's only a guess.


          I don't have any in mine so maybe you should contact Technical Support for advice on that, it's free and available through Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Here's mine:



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            yes there are programms.


            This happend under the mcafee service host.


            it comes when i go my pc out of sleeping mode.

            if i look some seconds later in the traffic control all those entry´s are gone.


            It all happend after the update to sc 12.1

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              Peter M

              Must be some strange quirk of the machine waking up.  I always have avoided Sleep or Hibernation modes because over the years I've found things don't always work the same afterwards and a reboot is then required.