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    EEPC/Windows-Passwort synchronisation (ePO 4.6, EEPC 6.2)



      I have following questions, I hope you can help me:


      - It is possible to set-up that the EEPC user password can changed by the user himself, even SSO is enabled ?

      - It is possible to set-up that the Self-Recovery-Questions/Answers can be changed by the user himself?

      - If a user changes his Windows password on a second notebook, which interval (Agent-to-Agent-Interval, Policy-Enforcement-Interval)  takes that this changed password will be written at the first notebook?

      - If the user changes his password when windows askes him to change his password in X days (yes) and not via STRG+ALT+DEL, the EEPC-Password changes anyway? It means he must not always change via STRG+ALT-DEL to synchronize the EEPC password with Windows password?


      Thank  you.


      Best Regards