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    How long for McAfee servers to update?



      I just finished a full back up and looked at the "McAfee Online Backup" folder on my pc to confirm the changes that should've occurred. 


      When I did, I found files and folders on the McAfee server that shouldn't be there anymore because I deleted them from my PC.  And I couldn't found files that my history log shows as successfully uploaded!


      How long does it take for files that have been deleted on my pc to be deleted on the McAfee servers?


      And how long does it take for files that appear on my history as being successfully uploaded to appear?


      Thank you!!!

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          I don't know for sure as I don't use it, but they told us that files online that are no longer matched on your machine will self-destruct at around the 30 day mark.  Support should know better.

          Files you just uploaded should be there immediately.  I wasn't aware you could read what is online as it is encrypted, so once again Support should know.


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