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        Hi mm,


        I doubt this is even on the roadmap for the R&D team.  We have a few old Cisco Unified IP Phone scripts but it doesn't look like we're doing much around that anymore.  If it's something you want/need you might consider opening a Product Enhancement Request.



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          Thanks Cathy.

          Is there a way users can check to see if a vulnerability(specifically one's acknowledged by NIST at a minimum) will have avulnerability check released for it? I’m aware of the typical 24 hour SLA forthe more popular vulnerabilities, but couldn’t find anywhere to actually searchto see which ones would eventually have checks available for them.


          I would think it would be searchable on the McAfee Labs site, http://www.mcafee.com/us/mcafee-labs/threat-intelligence.aspx or something similar.     

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            Hi mm,


            The 24 hour turnaround usually is only for things like MS 0-Day vulns... 


            I think the McAfee Labs Security Bulletins might give an idea of upcoming coverage.  I need to sign up again myself.  I haven't seen one of these in a while.


            Here's the link to sign up:




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              Hi mm,


              I just received my first McAfee Security Advisory since I signed up on Friday, and it has what you're looking for I think.


              When the new threats are published there is a section "McAfee Product Coverage", and you will see things like:



                 DAT FILES Out of scope

                 VIRUS SCAN ENTERPRISE SCAN BOP Out of scope

                 HOST IPS Out of scope

                 NETWORK SECURITY PLATFORM Under analysis

                 VULNERABILITY MANAGER The FSL/MVM package of January 31 will include a vulnerability check to assess if your systems are at risk.




              I hope that helps!