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    Fallback repository

      I currently have two epo servers a production server with 4000 nodes and test server with 50 nodes...is it possible to setup up each server repository as a fallback repositoy for each other e.g. if production server fails the 4000 nodes using that repository will can get dat updates from test server and vice versa nodes on test server will get dats from production repository if test server goes down?

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          Peter M

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            One possible way which i think might work


            - Create a second UNC repository on each ePO server that replicates to it's opposite on a regular basis.

            - Setup up the respective repo in the agent policy on each ePO server.


            In the event of one ePO server failing the clients will then attempt to contact the secondary UNC repo (on the still working server) instead of the master as it's unreachable.


            Once your aware of the failure you can the configure the working ePO server to update/replicate to this UNC repo.


            You're not going to get reporting on clients associated with the failed server but they should in theory be up to date.