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    VSE 8.8.0 SP3 Installation


      I probably should have known better, but as I've received a notification in my inbox this morning, I've downloaded (using Software Manager in EPO) and updated both the Hotfix and the Service Patch 3.

      Hotfix is deploying nicely, however the Patch 3 just does not want to deploy. I've checked my Agent Update Tasks and there are checks against the VSE 8.8 entry under updates and patches.


      Rather interestingly, in software manager the Patches have in the Additional Check In Information column it says "Current Branch, Unknown Distribution Type" and looking at the Master Repository both Patches 2 and 3 were checked in as Current?!!!


      Anyone else seeing similar issues?






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          The full install seems to import itself correctly but the same trouble than you for the patch itself.

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            Same issue.....



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              we are now useful to this.

              A new patch is available after testing period into the epo

              the patch is incorrect

              then the patch is deleted and after some weeks, sometimes, a new try.


              Sorry to say that but seing this a few times during the last monthes makes me thinking that our own internal change procedure is not so bad


              Funny !

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                I suppose we should all note that Patch3 is for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Servers ONLY - so it will not deploy out to XP, Vista or Win7....


                VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 Patch 3 package — Updates VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 Patch 2 clients on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 systems only.


                VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 Repost Patch 3 package for Windows — Includes full installation for new systems only.

                The Repost Patch 3 package installs:


                • Patch 3 to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 systems only
                • Patch 2 to all other supported Windows versions
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                  Anyone else having issues when trying to download the VSE 8.8 package. It is giving me error below:



                  Was able to download the repost package with no errors.


                  Does anyone know if adding Patch 3 to your ePO repository removed Patch 2. It seems that you would need to have both installed in your repository to handle all the other OS's.

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                    1. trouble is, if you look my capture that the package has been imported into my evaluation repo but stay like it's still missing

                    2. i've tried to distribute it on an W8 computer (tagged for me as an alpha mcafee computer )without success.


                    I'll retry everythning from the start.later

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                      McAfee Installation designer might need updating to correctly handle both installers in the VSE880MLRP3 package.


                      Any comments?

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                        Hey Everyone! 


                        First let me say, We are _never_ going to release a patch like this one again. And by _never_ I mean, unless we have to again for some crazy unexpected reason .


                        This patch 3 package is unique because it's only intended to be installed on Windows 8 and Server 2012.

                        Also, with respect to the full install package, we have an ePO limitation that only allowed having 1 single full install package in the repository.


                        Because of these items we had to craft a single package that could be used in ePO that would deploy the Patch 3 files for Win8/Server2012 systems, and the Patch 2 files for non-Win8/non-Server2012. Consequently, MID is incapable of understanding what this package is.


                        We will be returning to the regular 1-patch for all OS's in the Patch 4 release (if it will be called that; schedule still to be determined).

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                          Then let's hope for a quick but good release of patch 4 soon...

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