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    McAfee VSE for storage is only detecting and Quarantined Virus from Snapshots


      Hii guys


      Need help on this next issue.


      Here is an overview of the Problem I’m having with the VSE for storage 1.0.2


      ) McAfee VSE is able to contact all nodes.

      2) Administrator had Install and configured McAfee VSE for Netapp Filler (Controller which handles all Netapp Disk) to scan Netapp equipment.

      3) McAfee is only detecting and Quarantined Virus from Snapshots (Backup File) file Located on Netapp (storage). McAfee VSE is detecting virus with following files of Snapshots ( ~snapshot / .snapshot ).It's showing no Infection on active Files and Folders which are also located On Netapp.

      4) So we excluded files (~ snapshot / .snapshot) from McAfee VSE. Statistics result changed with no Infection.

      5) Since some of the folders are infected outside of Snapshots. When Clients are accessing Folders on Netapp they report the same Issue. Folders which are infected on Netapp are Hiding Original files and creating duplicate folders.

      6) We need to have solution that will fix the Issue for Folders which are out of Snapshots files.

      5) I am sending you screenshots of Storage configuration and Link for Log file for McAfee VSE.




      Any advice is much appreciated