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    MCP Error in logs encountered


      HI All,


      Good day,


      I was testing deployment of MCP to the client (windows 7) through ePO, deployment was successful.

      Set the policy from ePO for client proxy.. added the xml file exported from control console, added the Webgateway IP and port in the policy.

      I have syncronize the policy of webgateway to saas. saas is on premis.


      upon checking the MCP log from the client side I have encountered some errors, attached here is the log file collected.


      Need help I'am new to this saas and client proxy deployment.



      Many thanks,


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          Good morning Nelson,


          Welcome, and thank you for visiting McAfee Communities.  For this issue, we would request that you open a service request via Customer Support.  This will be the quickest way to determine and resolve the exact issue you are experiencing.