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    McAfee making Laptop freeze - Real time scanning turns off


      Hi All,


      I have a Win 7 64 bit Toshiba (6 months old) and have been happily working along - until Dec 12, 2012.


      There was a windo update and a McAfee update - and then my laptop kept freezing (such as IE would open, but never display a page content, adn ctl alt del would go to main screen but never show task manager).


      I have tried several things over the past few days - and it appears my pc only runs normally if I delete McAfee.  I have been a user for years, and I love the product.

      I thought I would try here before calling - not really prepared to pay for special service when I have never had a problem before - I know it is not a virus or malware (several packages this).


      Anyone else had this - or can some one offer help.  I currently have one subscription of mcafee available (deactivated from this machine) - all others seem OK, though one other win7 laptop is now also running very slow, esp in IE.