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    VSE on-demand-Scan: infected files but quarantine folder remains empty


      Hi there,


      i’ve been searching the web and trying to „deep scan“ the knowledgebase but I did not find an answer to my problem.

      I manage an epo 4.6 Server that deploys VSE 8.8.

      I have configured an ODS client task to deep scan selected endpoints. If the ODS finds an infected file I’d like VSE to save the file in the quarantine folder. Configuring the task I am not able to select such an action. I can only choose between “clean files”, “delete files“ and “continue  scanning”. I miss an action like "deny access" (as a side effect of moving to quarantine folder) .

      To avoid data lost because of a false positive I need to configure the task to clean the infected file  -  if this fails VSE should move the infected file into the quarantine folder.


      What can I do ?


      Thanks for helping me and sorry for my poor English.




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