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    McAfee software NAC




      We have just started rolling out a seperate wifi network on our sites for guest/employees..  Although they have been told not too there are people with laptops still connecting to the LAN with a wifi connection.  Couple of quick Q's


      - Is it possible to make it so that when connected to the LAN then the wifi/all other network connections are blocked/disabled so they dont bridge the networks?  Is it easy enough to setup? Anyone done this that could add some info to speed up the deployment.


      We have EPA license and have ePolicy 4.6 in place. 



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          Joshua Harrison

          That could be tricky. I would first create a check/benchmark to verify the system is connected to the wifi network. I believe the difficulty could be Windows wants to take the faster connection. More than likely an easier solution will be configuring Windows to connec to Wifi first. You'll need to experiment.