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    RSD sensors not work anymore after VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i Patch 5 and Hotfix 777352




      my RSD senors 4.5/4.6 works fine until i deployed VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i Hotfix 777352.

      Now i get a SSL failure (certificate error) in the RSD log file


      01-01-13 06:04:49,007 [4920] WARN RSDSensor.ServerCom <> - The sensor throttle period has expired, sending the retry queue.

      01-01-13 06:04:49,038 [4920] WARN RSDSensor.ServerCom <> - SocketException: Failed to initiate an SSL connection:

         Error: 0 - 0

         Certificate Verify Result: 0

         Session State: 4640

         Session RState: 2



      As you can check




      hoftix 777352 will update the digital certificate


      can anybody conirm that... i am not sure but i have changed nothing in epo and the network infrastructure. The only i have deployed to computers is MS Security Patches decmber 2012 and hotfix 777352

      How can i resolve this?





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