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    Last McAfee update (immediately after reboot) freezes my Thunderbird email (4 CPUs go to 100%)

      This is pertains to my home computer.  It has been running Windows-7 and Thunderbirdfor over 2 years.    I’ve been using McAfee for over a decade with no problems until the last update (last week) made my email software(Thunderbird) freeze and go “not responding”.  Activity monitor showed McAfee took over all 4 of my 3GHZ processors  to peak them at nearly 100%.   What did McAfee just do?   This has never happened before.   There was no new emails (with viruses) and no new operating system software installs. 


      Please note:  THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THUNDERBIRD OR THE OPERATING SYSTEM UNTIL McAFEE SAID TO REBOOT (after McAfee update) & WHEN I DID, IT IMMEDIATELY WENT TO HE** – so blaming it on Thunderbird or Microsoft is not a realistic solution.  


      Now I have to launch my McAfee control panel to disable REALTIME SCANNING so I can read my email.  Last night I installed the “virtual technician” which indicated something was missing-corrupted and the “fix it” button did not “fix it” so I uninstalled and reinstalled McAfee – and that didn’t fix the problem either.   Something in the last McAfee update certainly did this. 


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.


      Thank you