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    replace MDM-Certificate



      in the emmconsole - certificates i get the message

      "The indicated certificate has expired or will expire shortly and must be replaced"

      Its the Certifciate named MDM from Apple.


      Is it necessary to replace this certificate?

      Or can i use the Push-Certificate from McAfee?





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          The MDM is from apple.  No you cannot use the push.  Here is how you obtain a new MDM:https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB73382

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            And what is the difference between the MDM and PUSH?

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              From the install/product guide the MDM certificate does the following:

              You have a valid MDM certificate if you want to use the MDM feature on iOS devices. You can install McAfee EMM software with MDM disabled, but doing so disables the following features for devices running iOS versions 4 and later: • Policy updates without user intervention • Remote lock and passcode unlock • Syncing for devices provisioned with the EMM Portal • Cleaner selective wipe • Uninstall without user intervention • Ability to collect device details, including phone numbers, installed apps and profiles, certificates, restrictions, policy compliance, IMEI number, and WAPMACA address


              I beleive that the push certificate is what apple uses to verify that EMM is a valid and licenced mobile device management server before allowing EMM to use apple push servers which is why this is renewed by and obtained from Mcafee.

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                MDM certificates work with TOPICs. If you forget to renew, you will have to use a new TOPIC and provision all devices again. The process is to create a CSR. send it to Mcafee, get a reply, and logon to the itunes identity website with the same account you used to create the expiring certificate. Upload Mcafee's reply and you will get a new certificate that you can upload into Mcafee.


                check out mats link.

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                  Was do you know where I can find details about "topics" and mdm in general?