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    My computer is slower than before after update to Security Center 12.1

      My computer is slowerr than before. I notice this after update the Security Center to version 12.1.


      Everyting work fine but slower than before update to this version.


      After I noticed, I investigate what's going on in my computer and found that Mcafee, especially "Mcshield.exe", may cause this problem.


      The Mcshield process use very high CPU and memory (often use CPU to ~ 70 - 80%) and my computer get some freeze because CPU is use up!


      Even my system is very old (Pentium D generation - only GTX 560 is the newest in my system) or runing many applications, but I never see Mcafee process act like this before and my computer never get freeze without reason like this.


      I think this is Mcafee's problem now.


      (Sorry for my bad English writing skill)