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    How to modify the implemented technical solution ?




      Right now we´re working with the following technical solution:


      There are 8 WR5500 appliances. 4 of them physically placed in a Data Center and the other 4 placed in another Data Center.
      In each data center, from these 4 appliances there are 2 director nodes (one with highest VRRP priority and the other with lowest VRRP priority) and the rest of the nodes are just scanning nodes.
      These data centers are both active. The installation mode chosen is transparent router because the final client pc doesn´t have a proxy configuration in their browsers.


      Now we need to modify the implemented solution as the MWG are not ready to support a 2G electronic.

      We propose a new technical solution with 2 appliances farms as you can see in the attached file.


      The question is:
      Which would be the procedure to create a second farm?


      Thanks in advance,