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    McAfee Internet Security 12.1. issue

      Today I downloaded the latest version of Security Center (version 12.1 , build 12.1.253, language Dutch) and now I cannot rechieve any emails anymore in Outlook.

      I've tried to open the ports 110 and 25 in the firewall, but that doesn't help either. So I've removed the software and the emails were comming in. Then I installed the

      security center software again and the result was again that the incomming emails are blocked.


      Also if I thick the box " check for updates" the software tells me that I have no internet connection, while I am surfing on the web at the same time. I've tried to download'

      the technical help software from the support page, but here also I get the message that I have no connectin to the internet, while I am actually on the McAfee webpage!


      So, I am getting frustrated, especially since the support desk here in Holland does not answer the phone, eventhough I have been given a servicenumber by the automated

      helpsystem of Mcafee and the telephonenumber I should call.


      I wish I had stayed on the old version.


      Can anyone help me with this,


      PS: I am running still on XP and Outlook 2003


      thanks very much




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          Peter M

          Open SecurityCenter

          Click PC and Home Network Tools

          Click Home Network Dfense


          Make sure your usual network is displayed.  You may have to click Trust Network to have it display and then ensure that your computer is NOT marked as an Intruder.


          Network Defense only reads what is showing in your Windows Network so make sure that is working forst/


          In SecurityCenter then click Web and Email Protection

          Then click  Firewall

          Click Internet Connections for Programs

          (Takes a while to load)

          Click the word Program at the top to rearrange them alphabetically

          Locate Microsoft Outlook and make sure it has full access using the Edit button if necessary.

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            When I click PC and Home Network Tools  I get 3 options:

            - My Home Network : installed

            -Quickclean : installed

            -Vulnerability Scanner: installed.


            I do not see the option Home Network Dfense


            If I click My Home Network, I see my modem/router and my PC . Also here it says that my PC is not connected to the internet

            while indeed it actually is connected.


            How do I get the Home Network Defense? Can I download it from McAfee website?


            thanks for you help



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              Peter M

              It varies for version to version, you found that section I talked about.


              Best idea is to phone Technical Support I think, it's free and available through Useful Links at the top of this page.


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                Thanks Peter,


                I will try that again, although yesterday they did not pick up the phone.


                Take care




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                  I've contacted the tech guys here in Holland and after a system restore of my computer to an earlier date and

                  a new installation of the software, it runs oke now.




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                    Peter M

                    That's good.   It never occurred to me to ask you to run the Virtual Technician which also may have fixed it (may not have of course), however that's a thought for the next time.  I apologise.

                    Today is Microsoft Update Tuesday so don't forget to check.


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