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    Isn't this strange?


      I have used McAfee protection for about five years and never received a warning that an email attachment was dangerous and should not be openend until the day before yesterday,  An email came on that day from a colleague in the USA with an attachment from one of his friends.  (The colleague regularly sends me emails with attachments from his friend.)  This time the attachment came with McAfee's dire warning.


      And yesterday I got an email from the secretary of a charity in England with two attachments concerning the charity's program for 2013.  Both attachments came with the same grievous warning from McAfee.


      Apart from those two emails I have not received any emails with attachments in the last couple of days.


      Is it possible that an error has crept into the system?  It seems odd that after five years I should suddenly get three warnings in two days about attachments from completely unrelated sources,  But then, you never know.


      (I could not work out from the web where in McAfee to address this question, so I joined this group to look for advice,)

      Thank you.