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    Data sources versions supported matrix for reference


      Where can we get a list of versions supported for each data source?


      Device support matrix only told us what are supported devices, nevertheless, do not told us what are software versions supported of those devices.



      Refer to a topic "Supported Data Sources" on page 553 in "9.1.3McAfeeESMIUserGuide", there are too many blank cells in that table. To me that table is a bit too old and it's quie out-of-date.

      For examples:

      • Blue Coat ProxySG Access Log (ASP) won't be listed that table.
      • CheckPoint version supported is also out of date. Current software version is R75.40, I think. Latest one listed in a table is R70 which is going to EOL soon.
      • There is no version supported information available for most of data sources in a table especially for ASP ones.


      I truly understand that tracking and updating all of thoses data sources software versions takes a lot of effort and it's almost impossible thing to do nowaday.

      Anyway, back to a real question, is there any other document or any other source of information where I can use as a reference for version supported of data sources?

      If there is no other source of information for referencing, what are available options for me to obtain those information?



      Best regard