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    New version is SLOW

      I have been experiencing the following since the update to the new version:


      • On bit torrent the mcshield takes 80% of the computer resources
      • Somewhat randomly the amount of resources mcshield takes jumps to 90%


      This never used to be a problem.  IMO you fixed something that was not broken and now caused new unecessary issues.


      I have set mcaffee to use as little resources as possible and it is still a hog.


      Any ideas???

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          I guess a lot depends on what exactly you are downloading and where you are downloading it from.  If it's a huge compressed file for instance, VirusScan will spend a lot of energy checking it out.


          You could make sure that the bit torrent client has Full permission in Firewall > Internet Connections for Programs and you may need to play around with Ports and System Services also in that area.


          If it continues you are best advised to contact Technical Support directly via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.  It's free by phone or online chat.

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            Thanks for the quick reply!


            I was comparing the new version to the old version which did not cause these speed issues.  It is only since I upgraded to the new version a couple of days ago that I noticed the issue.


            Different topic--What is the difference between the old/new versions besides a different GUI?


            Really different topic:  My cable/internet provider (Time Warner) now offers Mcaffee for free to subscribers.   Is this the same McAfee I have previously been paying for?  and can I download the time warner free version when my paid subscription runs out in March?


            see link to see the free offer:


            http://corp-mail.timewarnercable.com/Portal/content/corp/acq/2012/11November/143 69_McAfee_Product_Final.aspx?uh=-7882387240339441871&siteNodeId=422642&b=112847


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              It updates differently - no longer uses DAT's, which means it can no longer be updated manually by downloading DAT's or Engine files from the McAfee download centre.  That will eventually be sorted out apparently.  Some aspects of it are different like the Vulnerability Scanner but mostly it's cosmetic change.  They don't really give us the technical insight on these changes I'm afraid.