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    On-access scan report for EPO?


      I have found an EPO on-access artemis scan report that tells me the level the VSE is configured to scan for, but not if it is actually enabled.  We have found a number of workstations and servers that had on-access scanning disabled somehow (usually due to a failed patch upgrade or stopped service).

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          You can create a query from ePO based on the event IDs 1087 and 1088.

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            I have a similar challenge, I want a compliance report to tell me if On-Access Scanner is enabled.  There is a property in epo that does tell you if it is, but you cannot query that field unless you wan to work in SQL...


            I am currently testing a script that can be deployed via the EEDK that will help.


            The script can be deployed and executed upon check-in, once executed I reads the reg value of the On-Access State key.  The script then translates the data into English an writes that in the Custom Property fields.  I can hen run a report for "Custom properties 4 = OAS Disabled"


            Testing looks good, and I hope to be posting in tools section soon.