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    failure to encrypt


      hi All,


      had been using v 6.2 of the EEPC software fine for a couple of months.  Then all of a sudden it stopped encrypting on new machines for no reason.  Checked the machines to make sure they had been assigned in the tree to a group with the policy, made sure it had the users and groups on them, ensure ePO confirmed the software was installed.  Nothing happened, it just sat there doing nothing.


      We use the following versions of the mcafee agent and ePO...


      ePO = 4.6.2

      Agent = 4.6.2935


      I've attached a copy of the EEPC log from my machine to see if others can cast their eyes over it.  From what i could gather, it seems to get stuck and not continue on unprocessed policies or some description.  I had followed the following KB article..




      But no luck at all.  There were 3 DLL's listed in our directory, not sure if that makes a difference, but I just loaded one from a time when I knew it worked.  Nothing happened and the problem still remained.  So I decided to look through this KB article...




      and go through bit by bit but again, I can't seem to resolve the issue.  I must be overlooking something in my frustration at the moment.


      Would be grateful if someone could take a look at the attached log and see if I've missed anything.

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          It seems to indicate that the Policy Handler is not running on the Agent Handler; the first KB you refer to would seem appropriate.


          What are the 3 DLLs you have in your directory?  And you might like to check the agent handler log files to see if there is an error indicated there.

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            thanks for the response.


            the 3 DLL's are...






            I've checked the DCOM settings and can see the correct entry in there.


            As far as i can see, the only other error I've found is  "No Policy Store"


            not quite sure how the agent handlers work.

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              Hmmm....have you tried restarting the agent handlers (or ePO if you have no specific agent handlers)?

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                Hi there,


                The "No policy store" message is a red herring, so no worries there.


                Restarting the Agent Handler would be a good exercise to try, since it will clear any cached processed policies.


                Quick question: what version of the EEPC extensions do you have, and what client versions are in the mix? Are they all 6.2?





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                  Just restarted about 20 minutes ago, and it hadn't made a difference.




                  Not 100% sure how to restart the agent handlers.  If it's a service, there's no service for it on the server.  I've not dealt with agent handlers specifically before.


                  EEPC extensions are at version


                  software is at

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                    Hi folks,


                    fixed the issue.  It was complaining about that unprocessed policy (My Default).  So I've just deleted that policy and created a new one.  That default policy didn't hold any real significance anyway.


                    Thank you for all the suggestions in this thread.