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    Webgateway closes connection to LDAP directly after Searchrequest


      I have a very strange effect on my webgateways (version


      The webgateways get the uid of the user from a squid in front of the filter. This is working fine.

      Now, the webgateways should check an openldap directory for group-memberships.

      The extract of the uid (Authentication.RawUsername) works fine.


      At this point the webgateway sends a LDAP-Searchrequest to the LDAP-Server, but often, and here is my problem, it closes the connection with a <FIN ACK> after the request directly.

      The result is, that the LDAP didn't answer to the request and I have no group-memberships.


      If I reload the requested website, sometimes the webgateway don't send the <FIN ACK> and the LDAP will answer with the correct values (the LDAP-Request is the same). After this point browsing works for some minutes.


      Anybody has seen this before? I have no idea, what I can do.