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    MOVE AV Client Protection is Disabled

      Hi all, I'm currently implementing a new Move solution for our VDI environment. I've had to configure everything from scracth ie an ePo Server, Offload Scan Servers and Desktop Client config and all seems well apart from one point.


      I can enable via the desktop using "mvadm enable" and the stats show that the driver is enabled and it can see the Offload Scan Server, but as soon as the policies enforce or I run the policies via the agent, it disables the connection to the Offload Scan Server and needs to be re-enabled via the console.


      Event logs show a "Move AV Client Protection is Disabled. Reason: Administrator has disabled protection" message and I have checked the policies, but cant seem to find anything that would prevent this at policy enforcement.


      ePo 4.6

      Move Multi-Platform 2.6

      VSE 8.8

      PVS 6.1

      XenDesktop 5.6

      XenServer 6.1

      Windows XP


      Any ideas on what this is or what policy setting I need to configure to have this constantly enabled on the desktops? I cant find anything documented.


      Thanks in advance




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          Hi Costa,


          I had exactly the same problem with an almost identical setup (only difference was running on ESX not XenServer)


          I resolved the issue by editing the client policy and selecting Enable Protection: Enable malmare protection tick box.


          I would be very interested to know how MOVE is performing for you in your environment because it is causing login times on my XP clients of up to 6 mins!





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            I also have the same problem.  It was working at one point.  All of a sudden some of the clients started showing Protection Disabled, now all of them show it that way.   I am getting very long login times on a few clients, but not all of them.


            mvadm status shows the primary and secondary servers listed as "[Not Configured]".


            We are still evaluating this product and have yet to purchase it, but I have to say it is not going well. Reading all the unanswered problems on this message board is not encouraging.

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              For what it is worth, I uninstalled the MOVE Agent (2.6.1) and installed 2.6.2 and it started working again.

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                What agent version are you using?


                I just updated from to and have started to see the same issue of everything reporting in disabled by the policy (and the policy is set to enabled).


                the offload scanner servers seem fine reporting in active and everything.


                Also using move agent 2.6.0 here.


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                  just to add to resolve my issue I had to remove MOVE agent 2.6.0 and then install 2.6.2.

                  Upgrading from 2.6.0 to 2.6.2 had no effect, it was only after I removed then re-installed that everything re-enabled and the eicar test files got picked up.


                  Had a support case but this thread was more useful....

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                    Using MOVE 3.5. Not sure if it helps, but i received this error as a result of installing the clients prior the policies being fully configured on EPO. I went back to EPO and configured the policies but the error message still appeared on the clients. I ended up having to manually do an agent sync on the offload scan servers to check and download the new policies. Once the policies were downloaded and enforced the error cleared. I guess for my two scents i'd recommend checking to make sure all of the policies from the drop downs are configured the way you want them and then do a sync on your agents if possible. Might not be the same issue though because it looks like some of the other folks were able to resolve by updating the client.




                    EPO 5.1

                    MOVE (Multiplatform) 3.5

                    VSE 8.8

                    PVS 6.1

                    XenServer 6.0.2

                    XenDesktop 5.6 FP1

                    SVA Manager Appliance