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    Re-Install McAfee


      I have decided to re-install McAfee.  I have followed the method out lined on [ http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100342 ] titled "How to install McAfee Consumer Product".


      My issue with the process is that it removed any current protection before downloading the install files.  To put this in perspective; McAfee goes crazy if it goes a week without checking for updates.  "Your Computer is at Risk" even though every thing is running.  But its perfectly fine to spend a while (depending on internet connection speed) connected to the internet with out an active firewall or virus scanner.  Why can't the installer download all the necessary files before uninstalling and rebooting the system?  That  way an active internect connection wouldn't be necessary while the system was unprotected. 


      Am I to assume from these behaviors by McAfee that it is safer to be connected to the internet without a McAfee firewall/virus scanner than it is to be connected to the world with McAfee software that hasn't check for updates in a few days?


      Is there a way to download a complete install wich would not require an internet connection during install process?