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    Windows PE EETech Problem - advanced

      So ive already been everywhere in terms of discussions and this website. https://sites.google.com/site/ctogonewild/Home


      Basically my situation is the following.


      AT work we use Windows XP and Windows 7.


      Windows XP = Safeboot v5


      Windows 764bit  = EETech v6.1.3



      Now at work we have two seperate CDs both WinPE2 Based. One is intergrated with SafeBoot and one has EETech.



      These seperate discs work FINE for unlocking and decrypting the drives when the situation arises,


      Now my problem is ive made a Multi pe boot disk with a WinPE2(Safeboot) source, and a WinPE3(EETech) source.


      Im able to boot the safeboot pe and unlock\decrypt drives fine. But when i boot the WinPE3 EETech, the drive does not unlock. I can decrypt it if i take the drive offline, which ive read is a bug in WInPE3 with EETech.


      But why am i not able to have the drive unlock when authenticating with COD and XML? Like i said, the original work WinPE2(EETech) Disc works fine with unlocking.


      Here are the file versions and architectures im using.


      Our Win7 64bit systems that are encrypted use MFEEPEPC.SYS = v6.1.3.332


      My Works WinPE2 EETech Disc = WinPE2, MFEEPEPC.SYS = v6.1.0.62046


      My WinPE3 EETech integrated iso = WinPE3(Win7 x86 source) MFEEPEPC.SYS = v6.0.0.22 (Could me using an older version of the driver then what the system is encrypted with be causing the unlock problem? I dont think so because our encrypted systems version of the driver file is 6.1.3 and my works working eetech winpe2 disc uses 6.1.0 which is an older version, so i dont know why mine wouldnt unlock.  The driver i use is from , https://sites.google.com/site/ctogonewild/Home/intersting-files/MakePECD2v6.zip)


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