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    Can't Select Different Active Programs In Traffic Monitor



      It might be helpful if I give a bit of background - every so often this laptop drops its internet connection to just local only for anywhere between 30seconds - 3 or so minutes, whilst all other devices can still connect. It has done this ever since it was new (last month),  I first thought it was a problem with the wireless driver and windows 8 as a few people seem to be having similar problems. However yesterday I discovered that my router was logging regular DoS attacks from this computer such as...

      [DoS attack: STORM] attack packets in last 20 sec from ip [], Wednesday, Jan 02,2013 12:12:36

      After watching the log for a bit I have discovered that my loss of internet always happens when my router has logged a STORM attack (although not all STORM attacks = no internet). As such I am now trying to monitor outgoing connections on my computer, however when I try to look at active programs in traffic monitor, I can't seem to change the graph of outgoing and incoming traffic from the fist program on the list. Single clicking seems to do nothing whilst double clicking only expands the list.