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    Issues connecting MQM to an SQL server


           I've been setting up a Quaratine Manager server, in order to test and deploy on our network in order to improve our Spam management and control. I've been testing it using a separate SQL server,  and have ran into quite a few issues, which, I have so far been able to work past, but I have reached an impasse.


      When I enter the database details and run a test, I recieve a "Data Source Name Not Found error and no default driver specified" error message. I have confirmed the DSN connections exist, and. as was mentioned in my investigation, have confirmed that these exist for the ODBC connection which WoW uses as well as the usual settings.


      Another fix that was suggested was to enable 32 bit applications in the application pool, but this causes the DBManagementUI to become unavailable.


      Are there any known issues regarding this, and are there fixes for this, or can anyone offer an insight?