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    Printing Problems

      We have been experiencing huge delays in printing PDF files and other networked files, have checked spooling within setup as this was a previous problem, looks ok, any ideas.

      We are running Vista

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          Is this Vista SP2 and are you using McAfee home products?  I ask the latter because it sounds to me like this is a  business.


          Have you tried the suggestions given in your previous thread a year ago?   The software has changed slightly since then.  For "Program Permissions" read "Internet Connections for Programs".



          Since last year Technical Support has been made absolutely free by phone as well as online chat so you could try them if all else fails.   They are linked under 'Useful Links' at the top of this page.

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            Hi, yes we are on Vista SP2, we are using business mcafee as far as I am aware, spools is set and running as per last thread but does not improve our lot.

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              Business McAfee?  Can you be more specific please?   Right-click the taskbar icon and see if there's an 'About' or open it and look for About.


              If this is business software then it's in the wrong section and I can then move it where it should be.