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    Mcafee SecurityCenter icon reappearing in Programs list


      Okay, the problem has returned again, to some extent. Though it is not as serious as the previous ones. I notice that Mcafee SecurityCenter recreates its icon in the Programs list (in Start menu) every time it updates or checks for updates itself. Just a note for the developers to check on as I know some people might not like it.


      Even if I delete it, it will return if Mcafee tries to update itself or I force a manual update check. Even if I just leave the icon be, I can see that it is replaced (by checking its creation time) every time Mcafee performs an update.


      But still, it's much better compared to the previous bug which force spawns icons on the desktop.

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          What is the version of McAfee you are using ? What is the type of Operating system ?

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            Mcafee Security Center

            Version: 11.6

            Build: 11.6.443


            OS: Windows 7 SP1

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              How did you purchase the McAfee suite, directly from McAfee online store or you got it from any Internet Provider

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                Sorry it took so long, but this problem (reappearing icon in start menu) is still pretty much alive. Though it does not annoy me as I do not intend to remove the Mcafee SC icon & folder from my 'Programs' menu, I can't help but feel curious that there's a code that remakes a new icon and folder (thus replacing the old ones) every time Mcafee starts up or check for updates. Is this intentional?


                Anyway, my McAfee is factory installed (by Dell).

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                  Peter M

                  I thought we had long since ascertained that this was normal behaviour.  The Start Menu is designed by Microsoft to show programmes and utilities that are installed on the computer.  Is there a reason you don't want that behaviour?


                  The icon issue we had a while back was that it would reappear on the desktop or move to a default position on the desktop at every update and that was dealt with.  See your old thread here: https://community.mcafee.com/thread/48728


                  However Karthiks may know something I don't.


                  Unfortunately when the software is provided by a 3rd party, in this case Dell, it is often several versions older than what is available on the McAfee direct website as they often sit on patches for weeks, even months and in rare cases, never pass them on.


                  There is nothing McAfee can do to force a 3rd party vendor to move on the issue as long as they pass on the normal security updates in a timely fashion.

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                    No, it's an entirely different issue. Please reread my posts carefully as you're implying that I'm unaware of the developments.


                    First, this problem is about McAfee SC RECREATING its icon and folder in the start menu EVERY TIME it attempts to update itself. (That means several times a day, every day of the week!) I know this as I can just right click and check the icon creation time. Other programs do create their own icons, but if I delete them, they're GONE, forever. This is DEFINITELY NOT a  Windows behaviour as you imply (I'm referring to inside the 'Programs' section, not recently used programs). Previous McAfee SC doesn't do that and the previous one I mean is before this issue crops out. AND, I can always 'replace' the McAfee icon with a new one by prompting McAfee to check for updates manually, which CONFIRMS this.


                    Secondly, subsequent patches haven't addressed this issue and all I'm trying to do is to HIGHLIGHT this problem as McAfee devs seem to be unaware of this. And again, (Please reread my posts) I am NOT ANNOYED by this issue as I leave the icon in my start menu be, just that I'm CURIOUS as to why McAfee is behaving that way by recreating and replacing the same icon every time.


                    Thirdly, although my McAfee SC is provided by Dell, it works just the same as everybody's. It updates and patches itself just like the retail versions. I know this because I compare them to retail copies from my friends' machines. I receive all patches direct from McAfee servers, so why should mine have to go through Dell, which never manage McAfee updates anyway? (They just bundle the product together with my PC that's all)


                    Thanks for your input on this matter, but I'll appreciate it more if you can understand the issue thoroughly first before you reply.

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                      Peter M

                      So you're deleting McAfee from the Programs list and it reappears?  Or it's creating new shortcuts in addition?  Sorry I'm still not clear on that point.   Dell versions don't always patch as soon as the retail versions I'm afraid - most Dell customers I've spoken to have 11.6 and we are at 12.1 now.  Beta is at 12.6.

                      I'll let Karthik  speak to these issues as he knows better than I do what's behind this.

                      I'm sure the Devs are aware of this and all the other issues, but they have to deal with the most pressing ones first.


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                        No, I'm not deleting the icon, I rather keep it. But yes, I've tested it by deleting the icon (and folder from Programs list) and prompt a manual update, it'll recreate the icon and folder. So, it's like McAfee SC is recreating the folder and icon irregardless whether the icon is already there or not. But to be more precise, there is ONLY ONE icon at a time in the programs list, not in the desktop (thankfully) or anywhere. McAfee just replaces it (if it's there) or creates a new one (if it's not there), which in effect, is actually the same action really. Really peculiar behaviour this is, constantly recreates the icon even if it is already there. Actually, I just happened to stumble upon this little bug several months ago.


                        Anyways, noted on the version difference. Mine is 11.6. But I am curious, does ver 12.1 also behaves like this? Try to check yours and see. Prompt a manual update and see if the icon is replaced.


                        I bring this up as I think this may have some similarity or related with the other icon not getting deleted or icon appearing in desktop bugs in the past. Might help the devs to trace the problematic codes so to prevent the 'returning icon' bug from happening in future, which right now is fixed for me. But, there might be people who want the McAfee icon totally gone from the 'Programs menu', who knows?

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                          Peter M

                          Actually, you're right, it did replace it.  I moved my McAfee Start Menu shortcut to the Recycle Bin, manually updated and it reappeared.   Now to me that would be normal behaviour but I guess that's a moot point.    If it had planted a new shortcut on my desktop or moved an existing one's position, then I would consider that abnormal behaviour and it didn't do that.


                          Exactly who knows with these things....hopefully Karthik and his support colleagues do and I've emailed him just in case he unsubscribed from the topic.







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