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    Fetch data manually from Foundstone

    thrall tester



      is there any API support to connect to foundstone and extract customized data.




      is there any way to use Python with Foundstone database


      please help me



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          There are numerous libraries you can use with Python for connecting to an MSSQL DB instance.  If you have credentials to access to the database server where the Foundstone database resides then you should have no problem developing SQL queries to obtain customized data and building reports.  We use SQL server management studio for query development then use something simple such as VBA within Excel as a front-end application for running reports - I personally find this much easier then generating reports from the Foundstone WebUI.  If you're set on Python I would first look at the Python ODBC library for handling your connections to the database.  Also, if you're looking to build custom SQL queries you will likely need the Foundstone database schema which requires signing a NDA - something you should speak to your sales rep about.