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    Always on protection scam

      I know there have been previous posts about this, but I thought I'd share my experience so others can avoid being caught out.


      I recently received an auto renew email for my subscription, telling me that my card would be debited with £54.99 within 30 days to renew my subscription. However, I looked online and a new subscription was only £49.99, so I decided to turn off the auto renew function.  I then looked at the manual renew options, and found that I can renew my subscription there for only £39.99! This is all for 1 year, 1 licence for internet security suite - like for like cover. 


      So basically, on auto renew I was going to be overcharged by £15.  I contacted customer services to see if there was some kind of error.  The reply was long and wordy, but basically confirmed that I had turned off always on protection, and they would now offer me a renewal at £24.99.  Whilst this is a good offer, and I will probably accept, what I had really wanted was to know they would stop ripping off people who leave always on protection active; however it seems they are more than happy to overcharge you if you trust them!


      I've always trusted McAfee software, but it seems you can't trust the company.

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          This has been the case for years and years. 

          The computer always renews at the full price whatever that is at the time.   Discounts that may be available are not taken into account.  We've complained on customers' behalves many times about it and they say it's the way their accounts computer works and they can't change it.   Pity I know.

          Sorry for the inconvenience.   It isn't a scam though, it's because computers don't (yet) think on their own.

          Customer Service are always willing to refund overcharging so it can hardly be viewed as a scam.

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            Thanks for your reply.  I have seen that it has been the case for years and years, however they could easily change it.  Their computer automatically displayed the discounted price to me as soon as I turned off always on protection, so it could easily use this price, the are just taking advantage of those that don't check.  I'm afraid I do view it as a scam, but that is a personal opinion.


            What I think I will do is renew at the cheap price I have been offered after complianing.  I will then turn always on protection back on, but when I get my auto renewal notice check and complain again, so they again offer me an even greater discount.  That, some would say, is a scam, but one I would encourage everyone to try!

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              Why not, certainly worth a try.