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    ePO agent problem

    Nishant Shah

      Hello Guys,


      i have a problem with the ePO agent on Windows Laptops (both xp and 7). the brief is as follows


      1) we install the ePO agent on the machine. also install VSE 8.8 and eepc 6.2 (with eepc agent 1.2).

      2) encryption is completed.

      3) the machine is shutdown.

      4) the machine disappears from the epo console.. it does not show up at all.

      5) if the machine is boot again, the machine does not show up in the console.

      6) when checked on the machine, the agent is not present anymore but the VSE and eepc services are running.


      we do not have any policies to uninstall the agent automatically and also are able to successfully authenticate at the boot prompt. currently we see this issue on 2 machines but i fear we might have more machines with the same problem which are not being reported currently.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Avinash Shedge

          I can see one option to find out where goes this systems


          Check the Menu -- User Management --- Audit Logs into ePO server and Quick find deleted system status


          Hope it will help you

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            Nishant Shah

            Hi Ashedge,


            thanks for that. i do see in the audit log that the action says delete system and the next action (above that) says ad sync. the system was added same day morning and was not removed from the ad. y does the server say so??? i cant get any detailed information.



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              Avinash Shedge

              Hi Nishant,


              Kindly check Ad syn settings on groups.

              Also check AD logs whether this system ones removed from AD and again join into domain.


              There is some possiblity to do this kind of activity you have to monitor this activity for couple of days.

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                If you see in audit log that machine is deleted and added then surely AD sync is causing the issue. It looks like that you are moving the machines from one OU to other OU in AD and in AD sync group mapping points you selected 'delete the machines the systems from the system tree'.

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                  Nishant Shah

                  Hi Hem / Ashedge,


                  what you guys say looks good. im quite sure that we did not move the systems between different OU's, what i assume would have heppedned is that the machine would have been added to the server manually (push agent) and then moved into the corresponding group (from the lost and found). then at AD sync, the machine would have got removed as this was added manually and added agian. this would have caused the agent to get uninstalled.


                  only one question remains though. the policy we have set is to uninstall agent when the machine gets deleted, but also in the same policy we have set the agent to be installed on newly discovered machines from AD. if the above agrument was true, then the agent should have been installed when the AD sync happened.